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Welcome to domo.health, where we leverage cutting-edge technology to revolutionize healthcare. We seek talented individuals passionate about innovation and enhancing patient outcomes.

Our team consists of diverse talents, including doctors, engineers, data scientists, and business experts. We value this diversity, as it helps us create superior solutions for customers and partners.

Open positions

Why join our team?

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Join our team and be part of a culture of innovation! Our dynamic work environment fosters creativity and problem-solving. We're always looking for talented individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and contributing fresh ideas.

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Collaboration is key in any work environments, it fosters a sense of community, improve creativity and problem-solving skills, and ultimately drive innovation. We commit to building strong and effective teams, which can be a major draw for top talent.

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We value work-life balance and autonomy, by promoting a flexible work environment. Through flexibilty we can increase employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and ultimately improve the overall success of the organization.

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Success is at the heart of our organization. We are committed to helping our team members achieve their career goals by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. We believe that by investing in our team members, we can achieve greater success together.

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As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to work for a purpose-driven organization that is transforming the way healthcare operate. We believe that every team member plays a critical role in delivering quality products and serivces, and helping us achieve our common mission.

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We believe that a strong, positive culture fosters innovation. We promote personal and professional growth, where your voice is heard. Our culture is one that encourages open communication and diversity. We strive to create a workplace that is not only productive but also enjoyable and fulfilling.