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A fully integrated framework along the patient journey

Our unique digital health approach combines a set of tailored solutions to connect patients with health professionals throughout their journey.
Patient app
Pro platform
Pro app
Patient app
Health data visiualization
alert system 24/7
Integrated care medication plan, real-time scores
Patient management
remote coordination
agenda, report, chat
Medication plan
real-time chat, survey

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platform for nurses

Home-based Care (for nurses)

Effortlessly manage patients and daily operations, optimizing collaboration and tracking progress. This revolutionizes your workflow, improving outcomes and saving time and resources.
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domo health

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Benefit from comprehensive non-invasive health monitoring, real-time data access, seamless healthcare provider collaboration, and integrated connected medical devices for optimal remote disease management.
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clinical trials

Clinical Trials

Accelerate therapy and vaccine development with anonymized Real-World Data across the patient journey, leveraging 10+ years of expertise in patient-centered digital health studies for faster deliveries.
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domo go

domo.go safety watch (for individuals)

The safety smartwatch that provides peace of mind, promoting an active and independent lifestyle while ensuring constant contact with loved ones, and emergency call center when needed.
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