Translating multimodal data into real-world evidence

Provide evidence-based healthcare solutions and create disease-specific digital biomarkers, fostering a predictive and personalized medicine approach.

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Your digital health partner for clinical discoveries

At the forefront of healthcare innovation and collaboration, our cutting-edge digital health solutions are grounded in evidence-based practices and driven by insights, empowering clinicians to enhance the quality of patient care.

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Application Platform

Accelerating drug development

Create customized clinical trials that integrate pre-validated connected medical devices into the patient care pathway, and leverage our data science team and AI-powered platform to analyze the collected data, uncovering crucial insights on disease risk and progression.

Accelerating drug developpement

Optimizing drug commercialization

Partnering with top biotech companies, we create software-driven therapeutics and patient-centric digital programs. Our tailored solutions use wearables, biosensors, and connected devices to streamline data collection, offer real-time insights, and enhance medication adherence. These clinically validated solutions generate evidence of value-based outcomes for various diseases.

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Accelerating drug developpement

Accelerating drug development

Collecting clinical data remotely alongthe patient journey

Optimizing drug commercialization

Turning it into real-world evidence (RWE)

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We are committed to improving healthcare outcomes across a wide range of disease areas. Our platform provides healthcare professionals and clinical researchers with tools and resources to help patients with chronic conditions.